Thursday, May 5, 2011

One Year Since Surgery

I really can't believe it's been one year since my surgery. Actually, it's the night before the "big day". I had my surgery on May 6, 2010. I remember thinking, as I drove to the hospital, that I could still back out. I actually kept thinking that all the way into the surgery. It was such a scary time. I can still say, however, that I'm really glad I did it. I like my new face, and the fact that I can breathe, and no more snoring.

Things have been going fairly well since the last time I posted. I still can only open my mouth about 2 fingers width. I see the surgeon next Tuesday and I hope he gives me some exercises to do. I haven't had any problems until a couple of days ago. That's when I thought I was coming down with a cold, but it was only one nostril that was runny. Then I noticed that my upper molars on that same side were sore. My runny nose just continued, but it had blood in the liquid. It was just like bloody water coming from my nose. I called the surgeon and he put me on antibiotics and the pain and blood have gone away. I'm not sure if it's my tooth or an infected screw. I hope it's not a screw, because I really don't want to have another surgery. Well, I guess I'll find out Tuesday I hope.

I hope everyone is doing well. It was so nice to not think about my jaw for a few months.

One last thing, I saw some old pictures of my teeth and after that I was so glad I had this done.


  1. You are so beautiful! I can't wait till my braces come off. I am glad everything went well for you! Blessings!

  2. you really do look amazing!


  3. Thanks Rita and Louise. How are you Rita? I checked your blog, but I didn't see anything recent. I hope you're doing well. Did you have a second surgery? Louise, I have been neglectful. How are you doing? I know when you're in the thick of it you doubt what you're doing. It is a big surgery, I will say that. I'm still glad I did it, but it's not without risk. I love my new smile and my breathing is much better. I'm still not back to my "normal" self though. I can't open my mouth wide and some times my jaw kind of grinds. I don't know if I'm helping you or not. Any way, I guess bottom line is it's worth it, but you may have lasting complications. Mine are mild and not annoying. Let me know if you have any other questions. I would love to help! June

  4. Hi June!
    I really can't believe it has been a year! I just started my braces and blogging and your were the first person I watch blog through the surgery! Congrats, you look great!
    I hope you get some answers on the runny nose...I am sure there is a good explanation.

  5. hello Rita,

    I have the same problem with the right side of the chin.I had surgery upper and lower jaw and genioplsty 6 weeks ago.I developed maxilliary sinus infection on my left side and my swelling was bad and not going away.I just got off IV antibiotics and Now I am on oral antibiotics. The chin problem started 2.5 weeks ago.pus started coming out of the incision in the right corner( just where the genioplasty incision ends) and it got slightly puffy. I was on IV antibiotics already when this happened and about 5 days later a stiff hard ball about 1cm or more developed on that side of the jaw line and that side now I look like a chipmonk. I asked the sirgeon and he brushed it off and said it is scar tissue and it goes away.I am worried because it makes me look asymetric and it hurts a bit and when I smile widely, the lip won't open all the way like the left side. This is really concerning and also I have no plate or screw in there. My chin has a plate because it was moved forward but my lower jaw has no plates because i chose to be wired shut for 6 weeks. Did yours go away?

  6. sorry I meant June not Rita for the above problem

  7. Hi Tim. My problem turned out to be a minor one. I just had a weird cold that started in my sinuses. I probably gave the cold to my poor doctor. The doc did say that the infections, if you get one, happen within the first 6 months. I did have the plates taken out of my left side because of an infection.

    I hope you are doing better. Six weeks is not very far out from surgery and a lot can change after that. So I wouldn't be too concerned about the asymmetry or the lip opening up yet. However, I too had the same problem with a hard bump on my jaw and it did turn out to be an infection. They had to remove the plate. I recall it was strange because it was so hard. It didn't seem like an infection, but it was and it went away after the plate was removed. I'm not sure about your case if you don't have a plate or screws in there. I wouldn't blow it off though because it does sound so similar to mine. Mine also hurt when I touched it and it made me look like a chipmunk. Good luck and I hope your doc listens to you. You know your body way better than anyone. If it doesn't seem right to you I would keep after it. Good luck. June

  8. Hi June. I am a 51 year old mother of 3 who just went to the Ortho to have my teeth straightened and now have been recommended Jaw surgery. Just so confused as to whether I should even contemplate it. What do you think.